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Our beloved dance floor is reaching the point to which it will need to be refinished. We are exploring the possibility of inlaying a large full color Backroads Saloon Logo into the middle of the dance floor and would like to offer a VERY LIMITED  and very unique opportunity to our dancers and regular customers alike. We are offering the opportunity to have your name embedded into the floor with this insignia under a "Proudly supported by" tagline. These names will be painted on the floor and then sealed over, allowing you to become a permanent part of the beloved dance floor. 



In addition to this logo insignia and supporters, we will be adding additional details to the floor such as "No Drinks On Dance Floor" near entrances and possibly an explanation of the dance floor "track" for those that do not know its function. The above photo is a computer render of the proposed project. The final artwork and scale may vary slightly from this computer generated rendering. 

To be embedded into the floor as a proud supporter, we are asking that individuals make a minimum, but not limited to, $25 donation per name. If you wish to donate and not have your name included in the floor, in the "Floor Name" field below, please type "DONATE ONLY." Names cannot be grouped together at a discounted rate, one name per donation. This is for individuals that support Backroads Saloon and the beloved dance floor, businesses will not be permitted to be included in this project. 

Like previously stated, this is a truly limited opportunity and we hope to spark great interest. Please use the forum below to become a proud supporter, donations are processed securely through PayPal. 

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