Dancing While Intoxicated

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Improver / Low Intermediate
Donna Manning (Oct 2012)
Dancing While Intoxicated – Colt Ford Feat. LoCash Cowboys & Redneck Social Club

Alternative track - Like A G6 – Far East Movement

32 COUNT INTRO***Start with feet shoulder width apart weight evenly distributed***

Heel Swivel, Heel Swivel, Kick & Cross, Side, Hitch, Syncopated Vine
&1Turn R Heel into Center, Replace Weight to R turning Heel back to home
&2Turn L Heel into Center, Replace Weight to L turning Heel back to home
3 & 4Kick R to Forward Diagonal, Replace R to Center, Cross L over R
5, 6Slide R to R side taking weight, Lean to R angling body to 10:30 hitching L
7, 8 & 1Step L to L side, R Behind L, L to L side, R Cross over L (12:00)

¼ Turn R, Hands to Hips, 2 Slow Full Hip Rolls
&2(&) ¼ Turn R small step back on L, (2) Step R to R side
3, 4R hand to R hip, L hand to L hip
5, 6, 7, 8Two slow hip rolls clockwise – weight ending on the L foot (3:00)

Kick Ball Change, Step, Slide, 2 Heel Raises with Knee Pops, Kick Ball Step
1 & 2Kick R foot Forward, Replace R to Center, Change weight to L
3, 4Step R Foot Forward Leaning slightly back, Slide L to R taking weight to both feet
& 5 & 6Raise the heels of BOTH feet while doing knee pops legs slightly turned out – twice
Taking the weight to the L foot on 6
7 & 8Kick R foot forward, Replace R to center, Step L forward (3:00)

Step Turn Hook, 2 Wizard Steps, Step, Step
1, 2Step R foot forward, ½ Pivot L turn on the ball of the R hooking the L over the R shin
3, 4&Step L to forward L diagonal, Lock R behind L, Step L forward
5, 6&Step R to forward R diagonal, Lock L behind R, Step R forward
7, 8Step L out to side, step R out to side – shoulder width apart (9:00)